2014 m. rugsėjo 3 d., trečiadienis

kas nutiko

○ one • and one more ○ summer's songs I would say

So... I started on Easter and now I feel like I finished my project 'going to' finally! 

in that nice nice reserve or something like that

Rietavas's Jūra (always has a magic)

went to Trakai before home just to eat kibinas (really good one)

after when I tried anonymous fund's swings for the first time

in Jonava after we made a birthday's suprise for M!

vajėėj salt on the ground what will happen now

with my ciabatta before wonderful full moon is rising

morning's bananas yummyy

visited ikea for the first (and last) time

with that pigeon I fed from my hand 

opened reading outside season

somewhere near Riga

'hi mom that's where I'm'

one of thousands beautiful rocks in Prangli

midnight before brushing my teeth or 'hi dad that's where I'm'

our trip to the north

on the roof with very strong wind from both sides and before our picnic with (not very fancy) sandwiches there

the sea ♥

the lighthouse (above me hh)

next to the local pood (sadly which was closed  (it was 4:29 pm in the middle of the week hah)

I won heh

afternoon's nap in high corn or something like that

one of the palces where we slept

the last day there, in the sea, in this ship, with these people and new experiences&views (just like all the time)

hi I'm in Poznan now (those cakes ahh)

somewhere in the green spot of Prague

finally on the ground of Plzen!

bowling and crazy (cute)  kids

the last day there and Bamboo in the distance

family holidays

look what could happen after long talks with your phone 

and also this in a such interesting name 'ką laikau' (kažkaip nesigalvoja kažkas geriau so I just left the same name of that folder heh)

super sweet but not very tasty (and someone's (?) famous art's center in the distance (nice one (juk Tallinn))) 

oh look!

gabalas samanų 

such a blue photo in this blue room after cleaning with blue cups with (I'm pretty sure) green mate and a book with a kinda blue cover and and blue blue everywhere (what an evening (white nights!)) (B, and views from those two windows mhm)

I missed this must leib very very much which tasted like pie (for me)

on the edge (plus cloudy and rainy mm)

look what I found

cookies & helicopter & Tallinn's harbour (one of them)

the most tasty banana I have ever ate (you can find them in the market and even cheaper than in Lithuania!) 


lovely people who gifted us tickets aww

let's go to govinda

apsigreifrutavome (the last lithuanian food hah)

ir ir

4:45 am

nuostabūs laikraščių radiniai



what this watermelon is doing here (and like this)

'so do you take photography seriously?' 'yup, look koks menas'


cocoa's (more than) break (cocoa only for occasion of course (which continues for two weeks)) 

crazy people (and also 'let's touch ALL corners in this territory' what)

morning's caches: banana, then nice strange girl who gave me candy and later I came on time when they were giving pizza!

going home (when everyone is still sleeping)


and one more time of that beautiful place

going far away again

autumn with Banana (again)

I just forgot to ask myself one question: why I'm doing all this?? 
going to sleep now
truputį nejauku kad tiek daug manęs ir mano gyvenimo čia visur (nors būsimi dėstytojai ar darbdaviai neturėtų viso to rasti, ane?)